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Bauer Insurance offers very reliable life insurance products to ensure you're getting the most affordable, yet most blanketed coverage with great service to back it up!



At Bauer Insurance we proudly offer property, liability and workers' compensation policies that fit your business's needs.



Being humans, there is a mutual understanding that accidents happen. We can't control you, or the other drivers on the road, but we CAN prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Auto insurance can mean the difference between "Oh well, just a few weeks in the shop" and "Oh no, now what?". Be prepared, go with Bauer Auto.



As your most valuable asset, it's well known that having home insurance would be in your best interest, so why not work with someone local? Our small town culture has given us the ability to provide quick claim assistance & much, much more.


Medicare Supplements

If you're nearing the age of 65 be sure to think of your local agency; Bauer Insurance for all of your Medicare Supplement Policy needs.  Living in your community, we understand your situation & we'd love the chance to work with you.